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LiveWell for low impact food in Europe (LIFE) Third 2-day Stakeholder Workshop

LiveWell for low impact food in Europe (LIFE) is a partnership among Friends of Europe, WWF-UK, and WWF European Policy Office (EPO). This three year project is funded through the EU's LIFE+ programme for the Environment. The project aims to identify and promote practices and policies that can help spread the adoption of healthy, sustainable diets across the EU. A wide adoption of the LiveWell principles and LiveWell Plate is expected to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from the food supply chain and to result in added benefits for human health. LiveWell’s new study – an economic impact assessment of sustainable diets in the EU – estimates that the avoided costs of obesity and related diseases that would result from the adoption of the LiveWell Plate by a large segment of population in the EU could range between €4.3 billion and €43.6 billion.

The third 2-day stakeholder workshop will discuss the key findings of the economic impact assessment of the adoption of sustainable diets by 2020, as well as the cost-benefit analysis of public policy options to implement them in the EU and the LiveWell pilot countries (France, Spain and Sweden).

Image credit: Flickr/ Liz West

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