The Future of Europe - Debating Europe Live Debate
EU 2050: Europe's tech revolution

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The pace and scope of changing technologies are challenging current social structures, heard the participants at the Debating Europe live debate on Europe’s technological revolution. “More challenging than building the technology is encouraging the right debate,” noted Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to the European Commission President, calling for more dialogue between policymakers, scientists and citizens in order to create a more flexible and functional future for technology in Europe.

“We need more nimble policy frameworks,” agreed Dan Reed, Corporate Vice President of the Technology Policy Group at Microsoft Research. “We sometimes limit ourselves by prescribing mechanisms as opposed to describing outcomes that we would hope to achieve.”

Debating Europe, launched in 2011 by Friends of Europe and Europe’s World in partnership with the European Parliament, Microsoft and Gallup, features online and live discussions on hot issues encouraging a genuine conversation between European policymakers and citizens. Here’s how it works. Visit to discuss YOUR ideas with Europe’s leaders!

Join the Debating Europe discussion on the future of technology in Europe here.


Video Highlights (13:45)

A selection of highlights from the Debating Europe live debate.



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