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This is a temporary archive which will remain active for a short transition period. Some of the information may not be up to date.
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    Friends of Europe's new website

    Friends of Europe recently launched a new website which features new policy areas and keep the pace with new technologies. Please be aware that this is a temporary archive which will remain active for a short transition period. Some of the information may not be up to date.

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Appointment of first EU envoy to ASEAN will boost ties          

The European Union’s decision to appoint a special ambassador accredited to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a welcome and long-awaited step forward in the EU’s relations with one of the world’s most dynamic and rapidly-growing regions.

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State of Europe 2014

A new action plan for Europe

Over the next five years, the European Union must implement a crash “emergency” programme of Europe-wide actions that addresses Europeans’ key concerns. The EU must be competitive in a rapidly-globalising world. The focus should move from austerity to sustainable growth-focused and job-creating policies. Citizens’ concerns about social and economic inequalities need to be tackled.

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Is the idea of world peace an impossible dream?

The First World War was supposed to be the “war to end war”. Of course, 1918 did not bring the end of warfare. An even more bloody conflict would begin in 1939 and, as Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and Gaza have shown this summer, warfare is very much still alive in the 21st Century. However, is it naïve to believe that war might one day become a thing of the past?

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Guest contributions

Juncker to new Commissioners: hit the brakes on “more Europe” – an anti-Brexit tactic?
by Sebastian Moffett. Little noticed in Jean-Claude Juncker’s mission letters to his Commissioner-candidates is some surprisingly bold language, which seems to swap federalists' mantra of “more Europe” for “Europe, when nothing else will do”.
How the EU can ‘walk the talk’ on climate change
By Sandrine Dixson-Declève. If the EU is serious about greening the European economy, it must link its environmental and climate goals with its energy security policy and economic growth agenda.
Time to get real(politik) with EU foreign policy
by Nick Witney, It is hard now to recall the confidence with which Europeans looked out on the world in the first years of the new millennium. They were, admittedly, only junior partners in the Western hegemony which ran the globe; but their distinctive model of regional integration, and their particular attachment to multilateralism and the rule of law, seemed to have the wind of history in their sails.
Turning “Incomplete Europe” into Competitive Europe
By Joaquin Almunia Europe’s Single Market remains a work in progress, a work that needs to be accelerated in telecom, digital, energy, services and other sectors if we’re to realise our full potential from globalisation and not fall victim to it.
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Let’s stop talking about Europe’s ‘lost generation’ of young jobless

Years of crisis in so many of the EU’s member states have hardened into a single key question: How can we save European youth from becoming a “lost generation”? asks Jörg Asmussen.

It’s time for Brussels to re-think its post-Arab spring strategy
Regime changes in the southern Mediterranean region have done little to improve people’s lives. Hafez Ghanem argues that the EU’s efforts to support political and economic transition in the wake of the Arab Spring need to be overhauled, says Hafez Ghanem.            


A ‘warts and all’ portrait of a new EU industrial policy
To fully appreciate the EU’s new industrial policy, one first has to understand the reasons behind its European-level renaissance. By the end of the 1990s, many policymakers had become fascinated with the emerging knowledge-based, sustainable and green economy, leaving anyone speaking about industrial policy as belonging to a dying species. says Günter Verheugen.


After "fat tax" failures, back to basics to feed the planet sustainably? A large hospital in Denmark decided the best way to help Europeans eat better was to show them how. They started with a test kitchen that threw away scissors and anything else to do with pre-processed food.

Asia matters for Europe and Europe matters for Asia. With both regions facing the challenge of an increasingly interdependent world, the need for closer and deeper cooperation is ever more pressing. “The Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) is just as relevant today as it was during the first Summit held in Bangkok in 1996" said Herman Van Rompuy.

Africa is increasingly attracting attention for its economic buoyance and success in reducing poverty and is now viewed as an opportunity rather than a challenge, panellists told a Friends of Europe’s Development Policy Forum Africa Summit on 24 June. 
Limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius would need investment just a tenth higher than a baseline scenario, Fatih Birol, the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Chief Economist, told at Friends of Europe conference on 17 June. 
Why Global Europe must change in an “anxious age”
By Shada Islam. Federica Mogherini’s appointment as the new EU foreign policy chief offers an opportunity for an overhaul of EU foreign and security policy. The 2014 summer of death and violence has left the reputation of “Global Europe” in tatters, highlighting the EU’s apparent disconnect from the bleak reality surrounding it. 
Juncker’s dilemmas
By Chris Burns. Leaders of the European Union have taken an important step by agreeing to appoint Poland’s Prime Minister as the President of the European Council and Italy’s Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini as the EU’s foreign policy chief. Tusk is set to take office on December 1 for a period of two and a half-years.  
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